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Product & Sizing FAQs

I know my size in other brands, what size should I buy from Divergent Swimwear?

You can find your perfect size by checking the size guide on our site located under Customer Care, or on the page of the product you intend to purchase. Still not sure which size is for you? Contact us by phone, messenger, or email.

How should I care for my swimwear?

  • Hand-wash after every use. Never twist or wring.
  • Wash in cold water using detergent made for swimwear or mild soap. DO NOT USE WOOLITE.
  • Lay flat to dry in a place out of direct sunlight. Never use a machine dryer.

Where do you make your swimwear?

We are proud to manufacture all of our swimwear with love in Bali.

Are your swimwear tops padded?

Our swimwear is made with thick lycra fabric which is doubly layered so that our swimwear is reversible. Because of this we have opted not to add padding to our tops.

What is a “Doll Up”?

Doll Ups are our premiere decorative hip and shoulder straps that allow you to dress your swimwear up or down. Simply exchange them with the straps that already come with your swimsuit.

What are the benefits of your swimwear?

  • Silhouette enhancing
  • Soft
  • Shape retention
  • Chlorine Resistant

Is your swimwear eco-friendly?

Divergent Swimwear is responsibly made with recycled nylon so our suits are equally beautiful and sustainable.