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Our Story

Our swimwear is for the woman who takes as much pride in her swimwear as she does her designer bags but wants to make her own statement. She wants options whether that be turning heads at a pool party or just sunbathing by the lake.


Founder Jessica Oxner has always had an avid love of swimwear, but sometimes it was hard to find a uniquely different suit. It was relatively easy to find quality swimsuits, but there was always the thought swimwear should be more individualized and that it could be better by adding embellishments, rhinestones and removable accessories. Out of this thinking came the idea which is the basis for Divergent Swimwear.

Beauty in Difference

Twinsies is cute when you're matching with your BFF, but no one wants to see themselves coming. Our interchangeable straps allow you to truly make our swimwear your own! Be innovative, be creative, and never worry about what anyone else is wearing to the party.

Swimwear Reimagined

Swimwear dedicated to the swimwear addict.  Mix and match, and completely reversible pieces allow you to change your style on a whim or individual taste. With more styles at your fingertips, you'll never have to worry about over-packing your luggage, or staying up to date on the latest swimwear trends. Simply change it up with the slide and click of a closure.

Sustainable & Sexy

We love swimwear just as much as we love the environment. Our swimwear is made with high performance recycled nylon and is modifiable to cut down on waste from fast fashion, so you can look sexy and still be eco-friendly.